Monday, July 16, 2012

Highest Achievements

Want to know who is the highest achiever on Stardoll? Well, we’ve got the answer to your question right here, in our Highest Achievers list!
The Highest Achievers list will feature the global Stardoll members who’ve gained the most Achievements within the last seven days. It’s not an all-time list, and it will update regularly to feature members who are actively achieving! The more you play on Stardoll, the more achievements you’ll earn and the more likely you’ll be featured on this exclusive list.
To see the list of the Highest Achievers, go here.

2nd of 3: Drum Roll Please…

Stardoll is proud to introduce Achievements! Achievements are an awesome new feature on Stardoll that allow all players to show off their talents and interests to the rest of the community.  Not to mention that they also let members level up faster and earn more Starpoints!
When you go to your Suite, you will notice that you now have a shelf right underneath your room.  This top shelf is for displaying all of your awards which you get for completing achievements.
Open up the lower shelves using the tab with the arrow pointing downwards to see all of your earned awards.  From there, you can drag and drop the awards from your lower shelves onto your top shelf which will always be displayed to other members.
If you don’t have any awards yet, you better start earning them!  You can find out how to get an achievement by mousing over one of the empty achievement spaces.
These achievements are a great way to show who you really are and what you are proud of accomplishing to all of your friends.
So what are you waiting for? See how many cool achievements you can collect!

More to come

1st of 3: Level Up!

We are pleased to announce the launch of one of our most anticipated releases ever, the Level Up System! This change provides all Stardoll players a way to measure their own progress on Stardoll and challenge themselves to level up! The more levels a member achieves, the more cool bonus items and exclusive features will be unlocked on Stardoll!
We did not remove any of your accumulated Starpoints – we simply converted them into a User Level. This allows members to see how experienced they are on Stardoll as well as to know what they need to do to level up. Members who had a lot of Starpoints when the system was released still have all of their Starpoints, but now these points will be displayed as a User Level.
This change allows Starpoints to be awarded in real-time, and there will be clear instructions on how to earn more Starpoints.
Want to level up faster? Check our help section to find out how you can level up.
All of these exciting enhancements give members the ability to explore Stardoll on a new level and take advantage of all of the cool rewards and bonuses that are now possible with the level up system!
Please make sure that you remember to log out and then log back in if you don’t see the user level changes immediately!